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Our Mission, Vision and Values

There is indifference towards mental illness. Consequently, people inflicted with mental health problems shun away from society who otherwise are humiliated or ignored. The existing "mental health centers" are dilapidated and treatment is substandard and inhumane.

It is our vision to become leaders in the movement to improve the condition of mental health in the Philippines, Southeast Asia, and throughout the world.

It is our mission to raise the awareness of the social significance of mental health.

As our goal we intend to…

  • To eliminate the stigma that mental illness is a non-medical untreatable disorder.
  • To assure that there will be non-discriminatory access to established mental health services.
  • To provide ongoing assessment on the effectiveness of established mental health programs.

Our objectives therefore are…

  • To indentify the misconceptions surrounding mental illness.
  • To educate and train mental health professionals.
  • To provide the necessary resources to facilitate the education process.
  • To implement all the necessary mental health programs.
  • To assess the effectiveness of the mental health programs and services.