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FIMHR 10 Year Dedication To Move On Our Crusade, We Thank You For Your Support.

It has been a decade since FIMHR was registered in Chicago, Illinois. Through these challenging years, we have persevered in bringing the message that mental health is vital in the wellness of an individual and that mental illness is a physical condition that requires medical attention. People inflicted with psychiatric problems deserves respect, equal access to health care, and disability benefits that society extends to other physically disabling disorders. Our international programs have focused its efforts in establishing a presence in the Philippines because of my familiarity with the inhumane treatment of the mentally ill caged like animals, tied to the tree, chained to heavy discarded truck tires, stoned to death, raped and end up missing. This is a consequence of the ignorance of government, the medical community, private sectors, civic organizations and people who see mentally ill individuals as crazy and have no place in society, written out as "useless, disruptive and violent". A Centralized government mental health Institution has been a place for warehousing mentally ill patients providing shelter with inferior therapeutic programs as evidenced by the "revolving door patients" who end up homeless after discharge, absence of monitoring for treatment compliance, the uninformed families on how to support them, the absence of community-based mental health clinics, lack of government funding in procuring prescribed medications, lack of participation from the department of health who have no statistics on suicide and homicide related to mental illness. It is a rare In fact absent agenda among civic organizations to sponsor mental health-related initiative programs to raise awareness or establish treatment centers. The social problems common in the third world and developing countries are mental illness related to drug abuse, domestic violence, child and elderly abuse to name a few. We have identified problems that impede raising awareness about mental health & illnesses as well as solutions. In the past few years, we have established programs, recruited a few support from friends and the private sectors but never government.
'2017 is a promising year with a newly elect president whose biggest initiatives are the war against drugs and corrupt Government officials.
We move along with a sign of hope that this present administration can be the loudest voice to raise mental health awareness.