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Fundraiser Donation: Behavioral Health Mission '2021'

Thank you for making your Foundation for International Health and Rehabilitation (FIMHR) Fundraising donation online.

In this pandemic, the medical consequences of mounting death tolls, shut down of businesses with loss of livelihood and psychological consequences of suicide, homicide, domestic violence and child abuse can be very devastating. People in third world countries who live in slum areas cannot social distance. The changes that required a new way of living and absence of basic medical supplies like alcohol disinfectant cannot be more disturbing as life long hunger.

The panic among the poor and underprivileged, fear, anxiety and depression leading to suicide could not be appreciated because of the unmet relief of socioeconomic disaster. More disheartening is the unavailability of access to mental health services to this forgotten population.

This current situation and world's collaborative effort to understand COVID-19 and find treatment and vaccine have been met with more troubling complex nature of this Virus. This pandemic and life consequences may linger for a while. We hope that the cure is not far today. One thing for sure is that it has changed lives and living. The socioeconomic devastation and psychological consequences will take time to revive. FIMHR is mobilizing efforts to reach out and help provide mental health services to the Philippines forgotten poor. They too, are emotionally and mentally distressed as the privileged few. Our Mission is to create a community based mental health program and build community (Barangay) health units in partnership with their medical health units.

We hope that the cure is Not far from Today.

Goal: Raise funds to support our Behavioral Health Mission '2021'.
Mission: Behavioral health education seminars and building Barangay Behavioral Health Unit in collaboration with medical health unit in community based programs.

Valerio Massaro, our Voice and Mental Health Ambasador, would like to thank you for your donation. Once you have completed your donation, you will have the opportunity to download his song È Già Domani for your personal collection.

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