About the Foundation

The FOUNDATION FOR INTERNATIONAL MENTAL HEALTH & REHABILITATION (FIMHR) believes that optimal well-being of the mentally challenged can be achieved.

Our zeal to open the doors of treatment facilities and champion the awakening of mental health as well as our compassion to help the individual in his pursuit for meaning and happiness has prompted us to become the vanguards of mental health.

FIMHR, established in 2007, is a project of Dr. Renato C. de los Santos, a practicing psychiatrist based in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A., Board Certified in Neurology and Psychiatry, and his brother, a masteral in psychology in the Philippines. Dr. de los Santos’ zeal and compassion for the pitiful condition of the mentally challenged and his drive to help them attain optimal well-being has triggered the founding of FIHMR. With the full support of Alexian Brothers Behavioral Health Hospital, the Brothers and Mr. Mark Frey together with the various competent staff of Alexian Brothers Health System a glimmer of hope can be seen in the future for the mentally challenged.

FIMHR is equipped to provide the necessary tool to educate and train health professionals and offer a multi-faceted and comprehensive training program that covers the psychiatric, rehabilitative and counseling needs of children and adolescents, adults and the elderly.

FIMHR has prepared various training programs that can be used by the participating facilities. These programs and their corresponding training will enable the staff of the facilities to learn new therapeutic modalities and intervention. In addition, the psycho-educational programs linked to schools, and government services offers a wide spectrum of subjects that can promote mental health.